Are you one of those who finds power on the playing field? Do you feel like a God for the few seconds between kicking a ball and seeing it find the back off the net? Does the slight crunch of a ball against the willow, then sent sailing high just shy of kissing the firmament, lead to a moment of transcendence?

Then Lakshya, Come and experience the rush that each kick, each delivery, each service has to offer in Or if even that doesnt cut it you can get up, close and personal with box cricket and cage

This is no child's play, though. This is the big league. This is Lakshya.

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Moksh means salvation from the bondage of finite existence. The cultural segment of the fest guarantees you'll have the time of your life at SIES GST this year.

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Tatva is a Sanskrit word meaning Thatness, Principle, Reality or Truth. What could be closer to truth than technology for an engineering college?

Here you can witness the technological prowess of our very own genii whose definition of fun is building robots for kicks. With events ranging from Robo Wars bringing you a taste of Real Steel to Ethical Hacking workshops and Arduino workshops for the DIY enthusiasts you will ooze tech out of every pore by the time you leave.

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