TML, harbinger of wild times is set to get even better this time around. We've got something for everyone. For those about to rock, there's Amrock. If partying and dancing is more your thing we have Vh1 Supersonic and Beatstruck. Be there when the bass drops.
Or channel your inner Ethan Hunt and blaze through the laser course in Entraption. For the techie-and-proud folk we have a whole host of mind blowing tech events and workshops. Arduino? Matlab? Ethical Hacking? Android App Development? What, still not happy? Then how about Brainwave Robotics? Yeah, that got your attention, didn't it? And of course, what fest can ever be complete without sport? For those who find their adrenaline playing on the field, rally up your teams and compete for glory in the football and cricket tourneys. Or if you think you have it in you, bring it on, because box cricket and cage football await you and IT IS ON.

Theme - World of Travel

The world keeps getting smaller with every passing year, so to speak. No one is more than a few taps on a screen away. In that spirit come and soak in the entire world's culture this time at the themed TML. 'Imagine there's no countries, it isn't hard to do, nothing to kill or die for.' – John Lennon, Imagine. We are citizens of the world. Let's look past our differences and celebrate humanity itself, and someday we might even find world peace.